Published December 3, 2019

Woodside Journalism and Video Students Attend Convention in Washington, D.C.

Taila Lee, Emma Chiu, Chloe Postlewaite, Sam Brook, Jack Freeman, Cedrik von Briel, Gulnazik Bakhramova

Taila Lee
Published November 22, 2019

Conservation and Conversations: The Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Visitors at Smithsonian’s National Zoo share their opinions on the exhibits and related issues

Sam Brook, Taila Lee, Chloe Postlewaite
Published December 23, 2018

Sergio Calderon Jr.

Spreads Joy this Holiday Season

Taila Lee & Chloe Postlewaite
Published November 15, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About the Midterms

Takeaways From the November 6, 2018 Elections

By Noelia Arteaga, Sam Brook, Emma Chiu, Taila Lee, Sean Moriarty, Chloe Postlewaite, Holly Rusch, Leila Taherian, and Isabella Williams
Published November 2, 2018

Your Voice, Your Vote

Midterm Elections

Taila Lee, Chloe Postlewaite, and Isabella Williams
Published May 20, 2018

Breaking the Barriers

The Stigma of Mental Illness

Taila Lee, Chloe Postlewaite, Emma Chiu